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Complex offer

Postby fgslm » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:59 pm

Hello, I want to say thank you to everyone who works on the game. A good start.
Nevertheless, to improve the game, I could recommend the following changes:
1.Most importantly: This is to abandon the screen vibration during running! When you look for a long time, your eyes become very tired.
2.And no less important but related to the first - you need to do something with the parameter "endurance".
Its fall when traveling is best not to disturb the player at all, and to make it longer, now it's very hindering.. As if you hit something with your head. The game should be fun. So to make its fall less critical during the movement. But for a fight this works well.
(Of course, you can eat various pills and skills, but this game does not gain ease and weariness.)

-Also it would be advisable to transfer the frame of the main stats into an accessible place for the eye close to the middle of the screen. When there is concentrated attention most of the time - it is very distracting to constantly look away.

-Separate request to add the opportunity to choose a female character. This greatly ennobles the game.

-Of course I can add that it would not hurt to introduce a system of block of punches in battle. Of course there are biases, but in the very system of combat (reality) is a strong drawback - the inability to block the blow.

-In the work with sound, and this refers to the end of endurance - the character begins to breathe as if from horror, but not from fatigue, please do at the end better the sound of nasal breathing fatigue from running, and not from fear). Make the sound of breathing through your nose when you take a deep breath and hold it in exhalation.

Everything else is fine
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