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Strongest Odor

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:29 am
by SaltyBooze
I feel the need [because immersion] to add just a tiny UI line that reads "Strongest Odor: [String of Odor]" and gives you whatever is the strongest odor in the place you are in or the event you just witness; for instance, whenever around the house, you would smell "mold" or whatever the gases smell like. Whenever around pigs or farm plots, Strongest Odor would point to "manure". After killing somebody, you would smell "Copper" / "Rust" for a while. The forest would smell of "Decay" or "Compost". Banshees or other spirits could smell of the strangest things, but i would assume smelling like Copper would fit them well. Had this idea while watching someone interact with the pile of pig heads and the character stating the smell. Made me feel the character had to bend over and get real close to the pile to smell it. Might as well just make it that whenever he's around something bad smelling (like rotting corpses) just make him get "Rotten" as a general smell, which would make for very interesting interactions with environment and/or monsters, and have another layer of immersion other than just vision and hearing, while also keeping the flavorful description.
Thank you for your time,