16 hour playthrough suggestions problems solutions

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16 hour playthrough suggestions problems solutions

Post by BReaper » Sun Jul 27, 2014 5:02 pm

Hello all I have been home sick this weekend and thought Id take the day to give the alpha a thorough play through.
Here is a list I wrote as I was playing they may have some repeats but they emphasise some of the frustrating parts of the game that I had issues with, I tried to come up with suggestions/workarounds for them as well.
Just for consideration I have left in certain expletives to emphasise at the time just how much they were annoying me as I played.
Things that bug me about DarkWood:

Weapons in your inventory get damaged regardless if your using them or not.

No trade button option with the wolf guy so if you accidently click a item again you lose it.

Fking dogs are op, I couldnt even outrun one with 8 full bars of stamina (this was a major issue when it came to having out run one creature only to run straight into another, usually a dog ).

Too dark to see, had to up the contrast to get the screen to be mildly viewable (outside of game I had to up the gamma and contrast way beyond normal levels) playing during the day was impossible on my projector and at night it was still a strain on the eyes

That fking lynx dragging mission (considering I spawned with the wolf guy being on the other side of the map to the object this was way too much chance of me losing it.

No reasonable way to pry open baords and unbarricade yourself.

Include a hatred for other creatures with each animal, so you could if your despirate get a dog to attack a savage or prehaps lure a enemy into a decomposition of zombies.

A compass and waypoint system, if you have a compass you can mark out your desired place you want to go too and then have a arrow lead you the way.

somthing to be fixed with the stamina bar, its terribly short and has caused me to give up taking weapons with me as I cant out run anything if I have only 2 bars left and after that my weapons get cripled, Im now just storing in chests and using them when I meet a boss (ie I die suit up and then kill them). (however I managed to fix this a little after collecting the crystals, but it was a slog getting there.

Different coloured grass to diffrenciate the areas, so far it just seems to look all the same.

Grey bar has a issue if you take two grey potions, it increases it by 4 but only displays 3 extra bars, the forth bar is transparent and doesnt fill up, however it still works as a 4th bar.

more items should stack, its daft that wire requires it own slot but a wood board can be stacked up to 12, same goes for alc/non alch bottles should stack,

certain items like gas masks and laterns shouldnt lose health on a death, its hard enough either crafting them or having to pawn everything off to buy them just to have some lucky shot kill off your needed items. Especially the Gas mask.

Just what exactly is see underneath things meant to mean?

Also how long are the effects when you take a injection?

Repair kits are so few its unreal, everythig I own falls apart in almost the first encounter and Ive only found one repair kit, what about a make shift repair, something like a combination of all the items you have to jery rig the one vital item you need. Like wood and nails and wire for a fixed axe at say 50/75%, or gas mask using tape.

Hitting J when you are about to wake up for a new day had me start to auto run diagonally. Had to alt quit to stop it. (solution tounch nothing till hes up and moving)

Maybe include a punch function to give yourself a shot of running away as you often get killed just becuase you dont have a weapon on you.

Bug in scene after the doctor has got the information he needs from you, screen is black and you only get a weird conversation screen with nothing but trade and exit then goes to church.

All items removed on meeting doctor (Please tell me this is a bug otherwise this a a major fu to the player, I lost sooo much stuff I had prep for in terms of encounters).

I think the drugs levels are broken in the game. Nothing seems to change after I apply for level 1 no animal/ see under/and hotkeys each at least twice.

No mention in the journal about where to go after talking to Wolf about the "nightmares"

No mention of Piotrek by wolf in gossip, would have been nice if he tells the players about the "spaceman who likes metallic things" would give people a clue to where to get other parts.

Lost the church after I had to restart (managed to get it back after quitting the game and restarting the level once more) due to the code to the trapdoor not working (still a issue), infact since there isnt a unlock button I cant tell how to accept the code into any of the locks, I tried enter, space, e, all the rest of the buttons as well as the mouse. So unless the code wasnt 5682 I dont know what I did wrong.

95% of my days were reset due to dog and chopper mauling (since I ran out of stamina there seemed little point in fighting). Choppers being a special annoyance as they would pop up just about everywhere. Red and Black versions.

A walking tree or a smashing tree would be a nice addition, maybe signal it with the tree screaming and waking up a horde of them to attack.

I wouldn't mind a possible npc turns unstoppable force type of enemy, sort of a slender-ish type of npc that you invoke when you kill off someone important.

How about a easy mode where the character has no stamina reduction and the time runs at half speed, encounters are fixed at certain points and creatures roam in recognisable packs, that you could use to your advantage. (See hatred for other creatures)

Well since I cant move forward (due to the lock code bug) Ill leave these thoughts here, Id like to add that even though some of these things really had me at near rage quitting, deleting and burning stages I still put in the hours to see the next part of the story. As I mentioned before maybe include a easier mode for those that just want to progress when they have short game time, without the mass slogging about.

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Re: 16 hour playthrough suggestions problems solutions

Post by neko » Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:39 pm

agree with the above and heres a few more

for me having chompers appear near your house after day 10 ish, these guys are immersion breaking as they know exactly where you are even if you are not making any sound and are in the dark, unlike the other monsters and will quickly demolish any barricade you errect.

These guys need have some sort of avoidable detection method rather than their current omipotent all seeing eye

Monsters magically appearing in your house when you return with no signs of how they got in, having a dog maul you as you walk into your barricaded house is annoying to say the least.

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Re: 16 hour playthrough suggestions problems solutions

Post by cuddles » Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:12 pm

I'm having a hard time not reading your post as "I want no challenge from this game". I even see you mentioned an easy mode.

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Re: 16 hour playthrough suggestions problems solutions

Post by macias » Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:11 am

oh, cmon, the game is enyoable trough the fact, that its hard. we have tons of games, which take player step by step, where is fun then? u wanna easy? go and play tetris.

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Re: 16 hour playthrough suggestions problems solutions

Post by BReaper » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:23 pm

cuddles wrote:I'm having a hard time not reading your post as "I want no challenge from this game". I even see you mentioned an easy mode.
No I don't mind the challenge, but there is some things that bugged me. The easy mode is for those that might want to just soak up the story. I did persuasive and get to the church, and my current play time is 41 hours, so I don't mind slogging through some stuff. Besides I don't think the stuff I mentioned was really that game breaking, you could even start out like that then have the world get worse/harder as you progress. Say have a message come up if you complete a mission saying "The day time seems shorter!".

Also these things were just passing thoughts I had as I played the game, with the acceptance that it is alpha and not get too annoyed.

But yeah till I got the animals are less aggressive perk I couldn't survive a day without some dog appearing either in my house or attacking me just as I had out run a monster. Again bugs and tweaks will come and probably fix all these issues in time.

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Re: 16 hour playthrough suggestions problems solutions

Post by BReaper » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:36 pm

macias wrote:oh, c'mon, the game is enjoyable through the fact that it is hard. we have tons of games which take the players through it step by step, where is the fun in that? If you want easy go and play Tetris. Fixed
Your comment didn't address anything other then give a knee jerk reaction to a post suggesting issues that could be addressed in future versions. I accept that the game is meant to be hard, but if its not also fun then it can become a issue if the people making it want to make a profit for future games. Since this post was done as and when I was playing it, they were thoughts I wrote out that bothered me about the game. I don't expect them all to be addressed or maybe even looked at, but if I didn't mention some of the things I found off putting now, then I may be less inclined to play or recommend the game to others in future.

Also since when is Tetris easy? Sure if you play it only till the first rocket goes off then yeah its a breeze, but after the 4th time in a row? (I mean the ds version not the original).

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