All the suggestions I have atm.

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All the suggestions I have atm.

Postby xector64 » Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:17 pm

Figured instead of listing different threads for all the suggestions I have I would just put them all in one post (If I should break it down into multiple threads for my suggestions feel free to just say so, also I know things I list may already be spoken of, but I don't have the greatest memory in the world and doing this process will help me make sure to hit all the current suggestions I have.)

1: NPCs should have unique strengths. It shouldn't be a one hit kill for all NPCs, and they should fight back. For instance the Wolfman you would expect to hit and then he proceed to rip your face off. The consequences of killing NPCs is pretty bad so I don't personally kill them unless I can legitimately get no farther in my game, but the concept of an NPC dying in one hit seems out of sync with how cruel this game can be to survival. To me this game tries to be as realistic as possible with the circumstances involved, and if you attack someone I think they should fight back. If you try to or do kill the Chicken Lady then the chickens attack you because of being loyal pets maybe.

2: Barricades. You should be able to in the least repair them, if not upgrade them entirely. Such as using Junk + Nail (or if you include some kind of welding material or tool) to make Metal Barricades. Repairing them in general would be nice though.

3: Mushrooms should regrow after being stepped on or harvested in so many days. If you lose skills and run out of items to get them back in the world (which there is a lot mind you) then it becomes tedious to get anything done. If Mushrooms took 6 - 10 days to regrow it may make getting skills easier while at the same time making the player have to watch their step more.

4: Gun Mods. I think you should be able to take guns to Piotrek and with enough reputation and the right ingredients you should be able to mod some guns to some extent. Example: Pellet Gun could be modded to hold more ammo at once, but you have to load the bullets individually. Pistol could be modded to shoot more powerful shots, but either stands chance at jamming keeping you from shooting for a short period or shoots slower. Shotguns could be turned into Sawed Off increasing power but lowering accuracy.

5: Locked Crates: all combinations should have clues to unlock them. For the hideout crate the code could be found in the prologue, Wolfman's crates could be found by either finding something he wants or doing quests for him. They should be movable so they don't stay in the way. Combinations shouldn't reset. If there isn't going to be a way to find the code yourself without just guessing through the 10,000 different possible choices then I think the combinations shouldn't reset so it makes it more possible to do so or entire the code manually instead of clicking through each number (clicking the 5 key would change the current number to 5). If not those change the one in the hideout to a locked crate that you can open with a key you can find, or perhaps even the lockpick?

6: Banshees should be more common and effect all electronic light sources. I only find a Banshee once in a grand while, and when I do they screech at me and die off. Then nothing else happens. No chompers come to eat my face, my lights are perfectly fine, my watch is still on, and no time has been lost. I think that some of those effects should be implemented and Banshees should be increased, because as far as I can tell for now they are just extra and more or less useless to the game.

7: More quests in general. I know this is most likely something that will already be implemented, but I mean there really isn't enough quests. I think NPCs should have more quests, for instance maybe collecting Chicken Heads for the Wolfman, or Books for the Chicken Lady. I also hope there is a secondary area to go to in chapter two, like a whole new map and maybe a way to go between the two maps.

8: I don't really mind having to find the guns its kind of interesting that way, but ammo would be nice to be able to craft. Other armor than Light Armor would be nice too, and maybe a way to enhance melee weapons such as Stick could be Poisoned Stick, or maybe even making the Meat bait able to combine with something. Like Broken Glass + Meat for instance.

9: The hole in the wall of the hideout. I don't really understand why it is there in the first place, but I kinda wish it wasn't but I doubt that happens but why in the world isn't it able to be barricaded unless you count using 2 wardrobes large enough on both sides of the hole as barricaded.

10: More variety of creatures, I really want more things to make this game even more interesting preferably in a bigger new map you can get to in a future chapter.

11: Refillable Lantern would be nice, instead of it just dying off entirely. Gas Mask should also be repairable instead of just being destroyed when depleted considering how important to the story it is.

12: A radio you could build as a tool for distraction against the creatures.

13: Random "Easter Eggs"....because why not?

14: Findable Bucket so you can claim the Farmhouse as a second Base.

I would of put something in here about controller support, but I really don't care about controller support. I am perfectly fine with the Keyboard + Mouse, plus in time there may be more controls for this game than a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller could support.
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