My Current Suggestions

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My Current Suggestions

Postby RunHideMoFo » Thu Sep 25, 2014 5:27 am

First of all, I really wanna let everyone involved in this project know how incredible this game is thus far, especially for only Alpha 1.3. The sound design in particular deserves a serious pat on the back. I love this game, and have sunk 8 hours into it already after only a month or so of owning it. That being said, here are the suggestions that I have so far thought of that may make this game better in future builds:

Better pacing for scare purposes:
In the scene after the man is found and brought back to the house, there should be tutorial tips there that have the man build a weapon, then use the shovel to break down the door, and then see the dialogue for the man in the other room. The other man should say that he’s hurt, which would then have the game tell the player to craft bandages for the man and go to him. The man should not tell the player to “come closer”, because that is a giveaway that he is going to attack the player. He should either continue with the act by saying something like “Oh, thank you! I’m over here!” or simply not say anything at all.

In the prologue, after finding the axe and putting the dog down, it is not very clear what to do. A better way to coax the player into the forest would be appreciated, like the player hearing a branch crack and the character saying, “what was that? It came from the forest.” This would give the impression that the player was being watched and the thing that made the sound retreated back into the forest, effectively making the player feel uncomfortable, having previously been so close to the forest and therefor, the intruder, to retrieve the axe.

Varied Story
Possibly randomize story events a little bit? A little variation on objectives and quests would heavily increase the game’s replayability. No matter how much the map changes every playthrough, the game will get relatively old pretty quickly if we are searching for the same characters to give us the same quests every time we play, especially when perma-death is active. You could use morality choices to determine what path the player will be given.

First tier perks are either useless, or WAY too helpful. For example, I took the perk that made animals “less” hostile towards you, but what I got was a perk that made animals like dogs not hostile to me AT ALL. I was in my base, when all of a sudden, a dog walked in through the hole in the wall that comes with every base,(which is another thing that should be discussed) walked right up to me, and right through me without so much as a growl.

It's Gotta be Mentioned...
Now for the part that I’m sure you’ve heard enough of from everyone who has posted suggestions on how to make the game better: the night portion of the game. While I do agree that something needs to be done here, by the same token, I am of the opinion that very little needs to be done. By this I mean that there should be a mechanic in place that allows players to decide whether or not they want to scavenge or fortify at night, or, if they meet a certain fortification prerequisite, the player can choose to sleep until morning, thus not forcing the player to sit and wait around for morning if they are not equipped with the weapons necessary to survive at night. That being said, there should definitely be an incentive for well equipped players to venture out at night, such as certain rare growths that only bloom at night, or monsters that drop rare or powerful items on death. As for the players who desire to sleep the night away, I have a few suggestions to satisfy them without compromising the game’s difficulty. In order to gain the option to sleep at night, the player must be in a completely fortified room. The cost of this option is that in order to leave the room in the morning, they must destroy at least one fortification, losing the resources used to erect it in the process.

That's all for now, but I will hopefully be posting regularly as I play through more of the game. Keep up the amazing work!
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Re: My Current Suggestions

Postby Silent Night » Mon Feb 29, 2016 6:16 pm

he has a reason to go into the forest the moment he leaves, he's going into the forest to look for more gas for the generator
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