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My suggestions

Post by 56er » Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:47 pm

A part of my suggestions are in here already:

First of, I think of some suggestions, but one is the most important to yell at the Acid Wizard:

after release

I think that Darkwood could hughly profit by the contributions of its players creative ideas. New weapons, items, npcs, monsters and locations.
All we need is a DarkWood dev/mod kit to create own stuff.

Now to the more present suggestions.
First I would suggest a new melee weapon:
Brass Knuckles.
This could be a very cheap and good to find gap between the nailboard and the shovel/axe.
A quick attack speed, normal damage and short range balance it in the mid of existing weapons.

As a later quasi upgrade to this, there would be the trench knife (a brass knuckle with a combat knife on one end).
This would add a devasting cut attack to the middle mouse button attack.

Maybe, even a kitchens knife, as the game seems to lack this one most basic survival weapons right now. It's kinda strange that the is a location without a sharp and/or rusted kitchen knife for Zombie self defense. Why would Darkwood be the exception?

Also a good find for any of the house locations and a good first weapon for the player to find in the hideout, that gives him/her a little starting advantage.

As a gameplay thing, I would recommend longer days, for more time to search and stroll through the forest and more generator lifetime with fuel (again, see this topic viewtopic.php?f=5&t=609).

I would also like to suggest filling the places(houses) with (at least a bit) more stuff/interior.
Often there is only one loot container per room. While this is really handy, it makes looting also quite dull, an takes of the immersion to the game. A kitchen does contain more than an oven. Doc's starting house showed how pretty a hideout could be.

After that, I would suggest a simple cover mechanic, for the need of fighting enemys armed with fireamrs.
The idea is, that there are 2 body positions, standing and crouched.
The game currently contains a lot of objects that can be vaulted. These objets (fences, walls etc.) could also be used as cover. You could simply add the "pressing aggainst cover" button, so the protagonist gets in cever when moving in contact, rather then climbing over. This could reduce his FoV. Things like wardrobs could be flipped over via a button, to make easy cover or a faster but less effective way to block entrances.

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