Ideas and stuff..

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Ideas and stuff..

Postby Placeh0lder » Sat Jan 31, 2015 4:00 pm

Bear in mind I'm just a gamer, I don't know lick about game development or if any of these suggestions are easily implemented, also they are all just my opinions about the progress of this awesome game. Keeping that in mind, let's do this:

- "Reputation" sounds misleading unless it has an actual effect on your relationship with NPC; change to "Currency" or "Dollar Dollar Bills ya'll"

-Torches should be able to light the infestations in the hideout on fire/ used to light spilt gasoline if no matchsticks.

-Add option of climbing through non-barricaded windows via an "Open" option then using Jump to get through and "Close" after. (( I showed the game to a friend of mine last night and he jumped through a window - I am dumb.))

-Savages with long sticks should take a half second/ second longer to swing; they will almost always hit you if you don't have a long weapon/ suck.

-It may be too helpful, but giving players an idea of time of day would add to planning/ strategic routing. Something along the lines of what the first Fable did.*

-Increase Dog A.I. to operate as a pack or at least sniff you out if you have one health bar left just for evil fun in the sense that you are wounded and hungry carnivorous dogs like blood.

- Add option of locking doors for yourself, using 5 Junk and a few nails. A "sort of" barricade, but it's better than having dudes walk all up in your crib.

- Maybe add snow to the weather cycle along with foot/paw tracks left by NPC enemies and yourself as a guideline and to see whether or not dogs or savages are nearby. Better yet, have snow tracks of "spirits" appear as well randomly.

-Busting locks on crates depending on your weapon/ the crate will give crappier loot if you choose to do so.

That's it for now, I love the game so far, it's become less scary the more I play it, but more of a challenge and I gladly accept it.

*In Fable, they had a Day/Night clock of sorts where it was a circle that split in half and on one side there was a sun and the other a moon. For those who haven't played it before and wanted a better picture of what I meant.
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Re: Ideas and stuff..

Postby jy_626 » Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:54 am

Just thought I'd add a few suggestions myself :)

- For non-permadeath mode, dying should respawn you back at the nearest hideout. Penalties should be -25% to all melee weapon durability. Additionally, the player can lose some resources and ammo as well to make dying a genuine setback after more than a few times. Also, skills shouldn't be taken away upon death. Rather, essence stored will be reduced by a certain percentage (If there is no essence then nothing happens.)

- Add a 'nightmare sequence' where the player faints in front of the well after drinking from it every 5 days. The nightmares presents an extra challenge which yield extra items and the start of the next day should it be successfully overcome. If not, the player dies in the dream and wakes up the next day as normal (or with a minor debuff). I feel that this could tie into the physiological mind screw aspect of the game even more by making players really feel that the boundary between fiction and reality is not as in seems within the woods.

-Hideout 2 and 3 should be placed relatively close to the entrance of their respective biomes (Positions are still random, but they won't be at one extreme end of the biome), since it is very often frustrating and tedious to run to the far end of another biome to even scout out the new hideout one day (or for a few days), and then spend the next few days slowly securing the area one enemy at a time. Sure, it's literally a race against time which is exciting, but there's just too much that can go wrong which makes dying while trying to secure a new hideout seem unfair when it happens. That coupled with the tedium of being able to eliminate a threat a day is a surefire recipe for tedium even with the adrenaline rush which comes with fighting against time.

-Consider making a beaten path for each biome which leads to a hideout or landmark at least; when a particular biome starts off in a jungle, with mushroom patches and dense fog just a few steps in front of you...and no path in sight, then you know you can get f**ked over pretty easily. And its cheap deaths accumulated this way which makes darkwood hardly rewarding for the efforts of every player. Cut us some slack when it comes to bearings since landmarks are the only thing we can rely on, and we still can be terribly lost at times ;)

- More landmarks perhaps. I liked the mini forest ones where the corpses were all half dead, and burst open rather graphically with a disgusting sound. It really made my skin crawl and it just hit me hard at the moment making me realize how messed up these woods were. I was feeling squemish just looking at them...but when they burst it was 'Holy f**k what the f**k ing sh!t just f**king happened??!!!' time for me. I'm looking forward to more unique places...and more rewards for exploring these places :D
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