punisments for death and the like

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Try to guess
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punisments for death and the like

Post by Try to guess » Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:21 pm

getting killed by a special monster or somthing like that putting somthing like a parasit inside your body which would be hard to remove. and enflict Things like you recharge stamina a bit slower or somthing along those lines or make parasits somthing like a event thing or somthing like the forest is getting under your skin.
i kinda like the game to be brutel and a bit punishing for doing somthing stupid or being to careless when runnig form old Woods to the forest becurse when you find a creatures base respons for your attacks and the like evrything becomes kinda easy. so to fix somthing like this maybe put a creature in the game that will actively try to sneak up on you knock you out and steal som of your stuff

or ad a monster like a big mutated bear you cant fight walking through the old Woods consuming evryting in its wake
and give it somthing like a cave so you can try to loot it for a high risk high high reward thing. and reduce the spawn of the ghosts in hideout 3 becurse when you are out of flares and are forced to chew pils like no tomorrow its not skill or somthing like that its just dum luck thats for from your faver and you cant really run form them or anything when they spawn on you and i would love somthing like a sneak option and maybe change the layout a bit off hideout 2 becurse its kinda like fort knox for the monsters

sorry for medicore English havet written or spoken English in a kinda long time p.s it gets bad when you know more English then your teachers from 4 to 9 grade in the dk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy3A2I6cTms from 5 min just see how graet people in the dk can be..........

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Re: punisments for death and the like

Post by tomtentp » Wed May 06, 2015 6:36 pm

Yes it's a known issue

Just kidding ;)

I like your idea about them parasites and would like to see more of these kinds of events. Sadly however I do believe that these kinds of things are the reason for the prolonged development time.

Developing these kinds of games, where the events and the story is dynamically intervened into the game mechanics... I can't believe how fast the wizards have managed to get the current build togheter considering the work that needs to be done.

So praise the wizards I say, for they have taken on one hell of a mission and they've been doing a one hell of a job so far!

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