Loud, Intense Firearm Reports

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Loud, Intense Firearm Reports

Post by nERVEcenter » Fri May 31, 2013 3:11 am

I've already emailed AcidWizard about this one, and they've responded very positively, so I'll just do a minor Ctrl+C-Ctrl+V job to tell everyone what I told them.

I really love the atmosphere as is in the game, and the way the team has used royalty-free sounds to create such an insanely creepy soundscape shows great talent. I do have one small issue, though: When our survivor, in the second trailer, panics and begins firing wildly at shadows summoned by the haunted ring, the weapon reports lack weight and defuse much of the impact of that scene.

I think this game could use a huge favor. The existing soundscape should be complemented by incredibly impactful and intense guns. The CRACK of a sidearm needs to startle, needs to momentarily break the silence of the rest of the experience in a sharp and heart-accelerating manner to instill fear and panic, and it needs to carry the weight of every round fired as a precious resource being lost to the insanity of the wood. An automatic weapon should create an echo of chaos, and threaten to drown out your awareness as threats close around you.

However, specifically for automatic weapons, that chaos should be short-lived. In real life, automatics are incredibly quick to empty and slow to reload, because real people can't instantly summon magazines into their hands. If the power and awe of an automatic is to be balanced, it must be followed by a protracted period of silence as the player fumbles to reload with what scraps of ammo are in their inventory, or instead makes the decision to run as terror claws at his heels.

I think this change could make for incredibly intense monster/apparition encounters and leave the player with a much greater respect for their found firearms in repeat playthroughs. As a response, Acid Wizard promised to hire/contract a more experienced sound designer to complete the soundscape should funding allow for it; let's make it happen!

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Re: Loud, Intense Firearm Reports

Post by Bandersaur » Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:53 am

I second this. As a very sound oriented person, I can say from experience that sound is probably (for me at least) the single most atmospheric element in any developers hands. (Look at games like Proteus and Dear Esther.)

This needs to happen.

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