FireRage259's Suggestions for the future of Darkwood

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FireRage259's Suggestions for the future of Darkwood

Postby firerage259 » Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:34 pm

Note: some spoilers may be present in this post but I will try my best to keep that to a minimal

Hi. Let me first tell you all that this game is amazing and love it since i saw it on Kickstarter. I wished i had backed it up back then and regret not doing so. But I am so glad ti got succesful. I have over 250 hours in this game in total. I really love it that much and will continue to enjoy Darkwood with updates coming and cant wait to see when Darkwood goes into full release. I help out as much as i can in this game and the community of it.
I post bug reports and give my opinions on where this game is going sometimes.

I thought i could help even futher for this game and for the Acid Wizards by suggesting where this game could go in the future and how it could even better than it already is:

Chapter 2
I know Chapter 2 is already underway in production by the Acid Wizards and may not turn out in the way I suggest below, but i trust the Acid Wizards will produce something wonderfull, no doubt. But what i can hope to see is a harder version of the 3 zones in its current state.

I love that it is going underground with the dark tunnel area and love that it looks like a bunker in some way. I hope to see long tunnel ways, ww2 undeground bunker style corridors and environment and even more intense action with enemies in close quarters combat with melee weapons and firearms, new weapons to make or find, new enemies that adapted in tight and small places that hunt the player more than the player hunt them and most importanly the story in chapter 2.

I hope to see the end of this tunnel into a more expansive and diverse world such as a small deserted town full of raoming chompers or perhaps a small village would be better, nothing too large as it would lose the game's scarcity with buildings and resources.

I hope to see the story take a dark turn and include creepy but interesting plot devices. I love the main characters past is lost as he tries to find answers. It brings even more questions in my head that i love to see answered...or maybe not answered.

Gameplay and mechanics
I really like the gameplay in terms of combat with enemies and perks and skills, the crafting system, the randomness (random npcs, items and maps), Trade and many many other things.

    Combat --
    -- Keeping the current combat system but adding new skills and perks with new levels
    -- New weapons to find and craft such as Semi Automatic rifles but keeping it fair and balanced. exmaples are makig ammo scarce or making the weapon jam due to wear and tare, etc. (why have the medium caliber magazine when you cant use it?)
    -- weapon mods such as bayonets or taped magazines for faster reloads. I would love to see Weapon upgrades for firearms like what they have done with melee weapons.
    -- New enemies that have adapted to the tight close quarters combat in this new environment. The player becomes hunted in some cases instead of being the hunter. The player is forced to run and hide form hordes of chompers instead of standing their ground and killing all the enemies. I love this concept of fear and survival.
    -- New traps and barricades to last the nights and dangerous areas filled with enemies. I love the bear trap and wooden barricades but I would love to see new and different traps and defensive items.

    Crafting System --
    -- I loved how the crafting system evovled over the patches. Including new buildings such as the workbench the saw machine and the generator and how they all work together in the player's survival. I would love to see this evovle even further, adding more machines to make more higher tier weapons and equipment for survival such as requiring to build a bullet press to make ammo that requires rare materials that need to be found out in the world, etc.
    -- Adding new and more defensive objects such as barricades and traps to defend the player's base at nights. Making metal meshes or metal pipes for boarding up windows and doors that take more hits or making small placeable walls that the player could use to block off routes from the enemies that could also take hits to be destroyed.
    -- I would love to see craftable containers since at end game, I find that I have to either to waste or trade away usefull materials that could otherwise be used to aid my hideout or personnal defense.

    Randomness --
    I believe some randomness in a game is necessary in order to add replayability value to a game. Not all the times since some good games are soo good that they dont need randomness. But to help in that process of making a game good, I believe in randomness and procedural generation. I love how enemies and items are distributed through out the levels and buildings as well as the map itself being random apon first strat of a game. This could be taken futher by making enemies have random roles in packs or how they react to the player. A few could group to attack the player or the few could rtun away when they see that the player can kill or see that the player is hurt and keep going in attacking them. Other examples could be that buildings could be different in sections to add different procedurally generated buidlings, etc.

    Trade --
    Trade is massivly important in this game as it allows players to progress futher in the game. Without it, the player would not be able to make higher teir weapons and equipment (tool boxes and welders) or beat high level enemies (chompers and large dark dogs). I would love to see more potentail trade people or groups and keep speacializing them. We see WolfMan specialize in weaponry and ammo, Piotrek in junk and tools and the Three in general goods such as medical items and wood and nails. This creates a small econamy between the player and the traders. I hope to see more traders in Chapter 2 and also more traders that open up new speacializations in what they trade in.

I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions you guys have or love to hear what you think about my suggestions. Please comment and say if you think my ideas could work or not.

Thanks for reading :)
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