Some general thoughts about the game so far.

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Some general thoughts about the game so far.

Postby Waismuth » Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:15 am

I must say I love Darkwood. I’ve loved it since the 1.3 Alpha when I first picked it, over 2 years go. It’s really great seeing the plot come together after each update, seeing all the changes that happened over the years. So after about 200 hours worth of playthroughs, I’ve come to some conclusions.
I personally believe there are way too many resources. Things like wood, nails, healing items and even guns and ammo seem to be lying around pretty much everywhere. Maybe it’s just the fact that I know the chapter 1 from cover-to-cover and I know how and where to get all the stuff, but I often end up with over-crowded chests and cupboards in every hideout, having to put stuff in rags, corpses and tractors :P I understand that the game needs to have so many recourses due to newer players, but maybe there would be a possibility of leveling-out the massive amounts of stuff the player can get? Basically once we get the hold on the guns, the game loses a lot of its edge. Having guns isn’t nesceseirly a very bad thing, because for the first time the player can feel “badass,” feeling like for the first time WE have the upper hand against those pesky chompers, dogs, and savages. It makes fighting them off that much easier, none the less.
The other thing I want to mention is the mechanics of The Three. With them the game can become “camp out the night for extra rep” type of thing. It’s like before moving to chapter 2, everyone will just farm savages in hideout 2 and sell massive amounts of loot which was gathered from the start of the game. (That’s what I did huehue) Knowing exactly what items to bring to chapter 2 smoothes out the gameplay, and the 1200 rep with the Three also HELPS a lot. Maybe make that the rep doesn’t carries over the second chapter? That way players couldn’t exploit the mechanics of camping the night out with a rifle, a full pistol and the trusty, maxed out axe.
Another thing that is pretty apparent to me that despite how awesome the swamp is, it’s simply too big. I feel like we really need biomes. It would make exploring that much enjoyable. I know that players needed a biome like the dry meadow with weak mobs and peaceful nights to get the hold of the game, but one big-ass biome in chapter 2 makes exploring a bit of a problem. We only have enough time to barely explore one location before we have to head back. If the locations would be evenly spread out across two or three Swamp biomes it would offer the player more time to take in the atmosphere of the place.
Lastly, I think the perks need a major, major overhaul. Most of the skills we get aren’t really that useful. I like the idea of perks that allow the player to “cheat” a bit, bending the mechanics of the game a bit. For example the Moth perk is a good example, rather than having some perks like “you can carry more ammo” we have a bit of supernatural powers at our disposal. However, most of the perks don’t offer much in terms of usefulness, or even amusement. Being able to eat wood to heal up? We already have a lot of options to heal already, plus I feel no one really wants to waste precious planks of wood just to get the health back if we have the Moth perk already taken. Navigator? Well, seems like a good choice for someone who just starts playing Darkwood, but the locations are quite close together, so there’s no real need to have another marker. Maybe change it so we have a sense of how close we are to that Navigator marker? Like some arrows that hover at the edge of the screen that point at that marker? Scream, on the other hand, is a really good one. Not too overpowered, but can save us in a pinch! Brief invisibility though? I think that it’s often better to kill monsters faster. So maybe change it to a passive skill that we can walk closer to mobs before they see us? Or that we don’t make so much noise while walking?
I think the game would benefit more if it had more stealth elements. With the overabundance of guns and ammo, especially in the second chapter, it kind of becomes a shoot-em up game. Especially with the fact that you only have to camp out the night and the Three will be able to sell you a fresh pistol magazine, and some new bullets for the rifle.
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