Skill Suggestions

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Skill Suggestions

Post by Mugetron » Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:18 pm

Out of all the things I'd like to see improved in this game, Skills would have to be the most significant.

I find that the skills in the game start out very interesting and end up really lackluster in the late-game. You get the impression that the protagonist is getting altered, becoming less and less like a human and more like a monster as he shoots up more and essence into himself, getting interesting monster-like qualities like acidic blood that hurts enemies and screams that can send other monsters fleeing in terror, with the impression that things are just going to get crazier. The best of the skills are unusual and mostly very unique from what you usually see in games.

However, later in the game you get stuff like 25% more health (no visual difference in character) and more damage when stamina is low (no visual changes either). These skills are nothing but relatively minor stat increases and are simply very boring compared to the cool things you're getting earlier, which felt like they were building up to something great. I would like to see more monster-like skills with unorthodox and perhaps slightly disgusting effects over non-visual passive stat increases.

A few suggestions:

I came up with a few skills based on my needs a player, as well as trying to think of something that could be visually interesting and kind of gross.

- Hardening vomit
Once per day, you can vomit a hardening substance onto windows and doors.

When hovering the cursor over a window or door with this skill acquired, an option to use the skill will appear (would be grayed out once used).

The player then vomits on the door or window, the substance hardening into a grey, rock-like mass. The hardened vomit could then have a higher durability than regular barricades, or perhaps be completely unbreakable depending on how you want to balance it. It could also be done so that the player can manually crumble the substance at will.

The effect on the door or window would last until next dawn, when the substance would crumble away and disappear.

This skill would be useful and interesting because it would offer the player a way to quickly reinforce a single entrance for example when defending a hideout. It can also be used for other things, as the player doesn't need to carry planks and nails everywhere to create a barricade. For example, luring a creature into a room with a single entrance and shutting them away.

- Arm throw
Once per day, you can rip off and throw your arm at enemies.

This is reminiscent of the Human Spiders who can throw their arm at you, but instead of the arm growing into another player, it would damage and perhaps grab onto enemies, slowing them down for a time. The arm could also be thrown on the ground, and if a creature walks over it, the arm would grab on to slow it down. You could even have the arm explode after a moment! The player will of course grow a new one instantly for convenience. :)

Mechanically this could work so that the player selects the skill in the active menu, which will then swap the player's held item into nothing, and then functions like regular throwables, mouse2 to rip off arm and aim, mouse1 to throw!

This ability would give the player some more late-game offensive capabilities, which most skills don't really directly cover. It's also a skill that could be used in many ways, such as in offense or even defensively if trying to escape from something.

I feel like the possibility for interesting and creative skills is endless in Darkwood. There's so much potential in the setting for this and I would really love to see you make the most of it.

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Re: Skill Suggestions

Post by ShadyS » Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:15 pm

Many players including me are not happy about current skills system but I think your examples of possible perks are simply "going too far"...
arm growing into another player

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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