Third hideout missing all furniture aswell as the Workshop

Third hideout missing all furniture aswell as the Workshop

Postby Lucius » Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:55 am


The following happened, I was playing, running around in the woods when suddenly i got a black screen, the game kept on playing the music, sounds, pretty much everything but i was unable to move and, well, the screen was black. Not being able to unblacken the screen I closed the game and restarted it. When i loaded my save file i woke up in the third hideout, but everything was gone. All the doors, furniture, workshop. Gone.
I checked if i could solve it by going to a different area and coming back, no luck. I also went to the village because it has a proper loading screen and came back to the third hideout still no luck though. This is rather fatal because all my stuff is pretty much gone if I can't solve this.

I tried attaching the game log but it tells me that the attachment quota has been reached? Uh.

Edit: I forgot to mention, roofs don't disappear anymore. For example if i go to the violin boy's hideout by the sile, the silo "roof" doesn't disappear anymore.
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