Dream Church Bug - Invisible Wall at Gate

Dream Church Bug - Invisible Wall at Gate

Postby Sancudo » Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:40 am

Hi All,

I was playing 1.0 HF 3 and made it to the dream church sequence. However, I could not get past the main gate because of an invisible wall stopping me, even the flashlight cant lighten past it. Thinking it might have been a feature, I tried exploring around and interact with the only object (the bell) but couldnt figure anything out of it. I leave the saves and log file here as well as a couple of screenshots.

By then I had bought the game and installed 1.1 HF 4 and decided to try it but the same happens. I already assume I've lost my game and got to restart from scratch, but hopefully you can get some info and correction out of this.

Download link of files:
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