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Low fps with G Sync

Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 3:40 pm
by Sõzõ-Ryoku
Hi everyone, i check the forum quickly but didn't saw anything close to what i was looking for so i post a bug report.
I got a really good pc.
When i launch the game without G sync i got 1300-1400 fps in the menu and 144(capped) in game.
With G sync it's capped to 60 even in the menu and most of the times drop to 24 in game, sometimes goes to 60 again.
i play a lot of game and my screen can go to 144 fps, even 165 if i want but it's useless.
Well i don't really care if i'm capped to 60 in G sync, it's smooth, but 24 fps is way too low

i hope you can fix that, thx a lot.

Re: Low fps with G Sync

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 3:42 pm
by Gustaw
Hi, sorry for the late reply :( Unfortunately the game has issues with Gsync, please try turning it off.