Vanishing Buildings Bug

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Vanishing Buildings Bug

Post by Jorshiek » Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:37 pm

Post title : Buildings Vanish

Alpha version: (1.0)

Bug description, with steps to reproduce: First incident: I was walking over to the Chicken Lady's home for the first time in the save. Upon hopping a fence and rounding a corner of the building the building subsequently vanished for no apparent reason. Where the walls were, was open space that i was able to walk through. The chickens lingered where the room containing the chicken lady had once been.

Second incident: I came across a house (i forget the name of the owner, my apologies. Started with a P and reminded me of the name Janek) But as i was looking around and looting, it began to rain and i heard noises outside so i decided to lay a bear trap i had found. After triggering the trap while trying to pick it up, the building vanished instantly just like the last time. Where walls had been, was open space that i could walk through.

Have you loaded a game? : no

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