Reapray's bug reports.

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Reapray's bug reports.

Post by Reapray » Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:49 am

Going to try and make a list of stuff I find and keep all of it in one place... unless you don't like that idea :D

Notice: Editing and localization will be spelling corrections, and suggestions for modifying awkward text, the suggestions are just my opinions, and I mean no offense when giving them.

Editing and localization:
Locked trap door, starting as the main character during the prologue.
"Locked.. I could open it with a lockpick." The ellipsis following "Locked" needs a third period.

When breaking an item, it would be great to have the message tell you the item name instead of just saying "The Item".

Gasoline tank could be changed to "Gascan" or "Jerry can". If this is changed, "The tank is empty" message will need adjusting.
Instructions on how to fill the generator should probably say "pour" instead of "spill".

The description for gasoline reads "Useable. Powers generators, higly flammable." highly is spelled wrong.
Consider changing to "Highly combustible, used to fuel generators."

When turning on the generator before refueling, text should read; "The generator is turned off, yet I can hear the faint, metallic sound of the engine."

Consider "Reaching towards the ignition, a voice suddenly speaks to me." instead of "As I reach my hand towards the power switch, I suddenly hear a voice."

"I could feel your stench from afar."
"I can feel the smell of wet ground... and fur?"
I'm unsure if characters in Darkwood actually feel smells, or if it's just an awkward translation. I would suggest;
"I could smell your stench from afar."
"I can detect the scent of wet ground and... fur?"

"I'll give you an advice, almost for free" should be "I'll give you some advice, almost for free".
Consider "Here's some advice, practically for free".

"You will find her in a cottage, close by to the *direction* of here." could be better phrased as;
"You will find her in a cottage close by, to the *direction* of here."
"You will find her in a nearby cottage, to the *direction* of here."

"Wolf makes a step in my direction." consider "takes a step in my direction", has a subtle bit more threat suggested in it.

Not worried about some of the language quirks in the journal, as they add a bit of character to the main character, but I have some suggestions.
Page 2 "I don't even remember his name or how he looked like." could be "or how he looked." or "or what he looked like."



Pig Shed Building and Props disappear.
Alpha version: 1.0
Bug description, with steps to reproduce:

While fighting pigs in the pig shed, the area disappeared in layers, first the area flooring, then the props, then the buildings, then the lighting, leaving me and the pigs on green grass, trees remained. I was able to move through areas where the buildings had been freely.
I ran south until the area was off screen, then returned north, the shed was present again.

Steps to reproduce:
Unsure of bug trigger, it was day 2 on a non-permadeath game, I died day 1 in the bunker.
I entered the pig shed sector at it's south west, opened the door of the southwest most building, then walked around the west wall and entered through the breach, briefly explored the building, then approached the tractor, equipped a spiked board and hit a pig. A second pig joined the first in trying to kill me, I moved into the southwest building, backwards, striking the pigs, and killed one in front of the wall breach. I looted it, then the area started to disappear as described.

Have you loaded a game? : No.

Forum doesn't allow txt extensions to be uploaded as attachments, please view Output text here:

Post title : Chicken Lady Freeze
Alpha version: 1.0
Bug description, with steps to reproduce:
Following prologue, I went to the Chicken Lady's house, overlooked her, explored a bunch, then went home during dusk, drank from the well, turned on the generator, barricaded the first 2 doors and a couple windows.

Killed by a tribal looking guy with a stick, in my hideout, during the night after Day 1, losing the mushrooms from the well.

Talked to the Chicken Lady during Day 2, after closing the photograph that she gave me, and reading the text that mentions the violin, the game stopped responding.

The animation of the Chicken Lady continued to cycle, but the game responded to no clicking and Esc didn't do anything, ultimately I exited the game with Alt+F4.

Have you loaded a game? : No, started a new game.
Ouput text:

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