Stuck on dialog screen

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Stuck on dialog screen

Post by Alli893 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:52 am

Not sure if this will be repeatable but thought I would post anyway.

Post title : Speaking with chicken lady and could not proceed.

Alpha version: (1.0)

Bug description, with steps to reproduce: After my first encounter with the wolf man, I decided to find the chicken lady first. I found her house, killed 3 chickens in her house before noticing her, then engaged in dialog with her. She showed me a photo. I pressed ESC to exit the view of the photo. The following text appears on screen:

The old lady puts a crumpled photo in my hands.
Take it! Janek went to see him, do you understand? He never cam back. Find him. Find him and bring him back, my poor Janek...
The sadness is interrupted by a sound of a out of tune violin.

Left clicking did not proceed to the next screen. I tried ESC, tab, and then just about every other key and nothing would happen. The game wasn't frozen because I could still see the animations of the lady with her chickens. I ended up using task manager to end the program.

Have you loaded a game? : No.

Output Log:

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