Broken axe taking up inventory space

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Broken axe taking up inventory space

Post by RpTheHotrod » Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:34 am

Post title : Broken axe taking up inventory space
Alpha version: (1.1)
Bug description, with steps to reproduce: I had a broken axe and dropped it to the ground. However, the axe remains in my 4th hotbar slot (I used a serum enhancement for an additional hotbar). I cannot select the 4th slot anymore, and nothing can go to or from the slot. Note: The broken axe is actually on the ground, despite it telling me I still have it in my 4th slot.

Additional note: The icon for the axe is a perfect square, as opposed to rounded edges like other icons.

Additional additional note: I believe this occurred after death. I assume I "lost" my dosage bonus, and the icon is just appearing when it should vanish?
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