Alpha 1.3 bugs encountered

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Alpha 1.3 bugs encountered

Post by firerage259 » Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:33 am

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Post Title: Alpha 1.3 bugs encountered
Alpha Version: 1.3

Bug Description:
1. Small minor graphic bug where small parts of the grass turn black. It has no physical change on game play or characters. This is a small graphic bug and it does not seem to affect game play what so ever.
black grass edit.jpg
black grass edit.jpg (99.75 KiB) Viewed 2238 times
how to Reproduce bug:
1. Not sure as this bug occurs randomly. I loaded my game save and found this bug just outside my hideout. It could be a corrupt save file.

Bug Description:
2. When Dragging furniture like cupboards, chairs, stools and animal statues in the hunters cabinet they some times appear as if the player is not touching them but the player is still dragging them across the floor. They sometimes may disappear in total but the player is still dragging an object when they disappear. another Graphic bug that does not really affect game play.
dragging 1.jpg
dragging 1.jpg (86.32 KiB) Viewed 2238 times
how to Reproduce bug:
2. Start by dragging furniture across in a straight direction and then drag in a diagonal direction such as north west or south east etc while stile dragging.

Bug Description:
3. Not sure if this is a one off bug that rarely happens but I found a passive dog in the Cottage with the locked bathroom. I did not have the skill "Animals will not attack you" in level tier 1. Dog seemed to have clipped in the nearby door as i opened it, distracted dogs to other room trapped them, except for this one dog. It kept replying an animation as if it was trying to turn. I even tested to see if it would act aggresive by walking up to it

How to reproduce bug:
Try to get dog indoors, open door door and wing it open to hit the dog. This may or may not work as I could not see when i opened the door into the dog. I was mainly playing the game and distracting the dogs into other room and close the door on them to trap them

I will reply to Messages as most as a I can. Thanks

Save File Location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\102773332\274520\remote
(21.6 KiB) Downloaded 155 times
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