Game froze my keyboard up

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Game froze my keyboard up

Post by firerage259 » Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:19 am

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Post Title: Game froze my keyboard up
Alpha Version: 1.3

Bug Description:
I was out scavenging for goods and supplies and when it started to get dark I ran back to my Hideout to continue onto next day. Along the way running back my keyboard froze up and would not let me continue. I could not change direction using the arrow keys, I could not change item in use, I could not go to menu by pressing Escape key, I could not Ctrl + Alt + Delete, I could not Alt + Tab out of game, etc. My whole entire keyboard was frozen up. which ever key I pressed produced only a sound as if i was changing equipment in my hand. The only solution to fix this bug was to turn off my computer by the power button.

How to reproduce bug:
I was running at the time the bug happened. I think I pressed the Journal key or the map key. Sometimes when I'm running and press inventory slot 1 button to equip my weapon I get my map opened up or journal instead.

holding down W,A,S or D, Running in any direction and pressing either map or journal key should reproduce this bug. It may take a few tries.

I will reply to Messages as most as a I can. Thanks

Save File Location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\102773332\274520\remote
(16.92 KiB) Downloaded 183 times
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