***WARNING! Extreme SPOILER inside!*** Train cart Bug

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***WARNING! Extreme SPOILER inside!*** Train cart Bug

Post by HotshotDemon » Fri Oct 31, 2014 2:40 pm

** Spoiler** Dont read this if you haven't finished chapter 1! **Spoiler**

Post title : Traincart Bug

Alpha version: (2.0)

Bug description, with steps to reproduce:

In the dream sequence where the doctor tells you to show him the way to the underground hideout, the part where you get attacked by chompers, i had no idea where to go so at one point i ran to somewhere where their wasn't any light. I pretty much ran off the map. Realizing this was something that wasn't suppose to happen,I headed back to the train cart but i couldn't reach it because of an invisible wall, I think i might have passed through somewhere I wasn't suppose to. Since I was freaking out because the scene was so very scary (awesome job btw, i shit myself) i cant really remember where it was. I walked around the train cart and all of a sudden a chomper that i couldn't see attacked me and eventually killed me. Which ended the dream and i could continue playing. The doctor telling me i told him the location of the underground entrance.

Have you loaded a game before encountering this bug? : ?

Hope this helps!
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