dont know if you know

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Try to guess
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dont know if you know

Post by Try to guess » Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:42 pm

when the redchompers lay on the ground like on the bridge or in the field they have a happit of getting White Square around them and it also happens when you barricade the bigger doors on the hideouts

ples say if you need a log

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Re: dont know if you know

Post by Gustaw » Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:23 pm

This should be fixed in 4.1, please let me know if it still happens after the update (it should go live tomorrow)

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Re: dont know if you know

Post by ZedDB » Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:43 pm

I got this with the chomper on the bridge to the old woods. The sprite flickered from solid white to what seemed to be a heavily upscaled version of the savage (?) sprite. I could only see a few pixels so it might as well be the chomper sprite.

However, I quit to the main menu and then went ingame again and it fixed itself. I restarted the game after that so the log file got wiped. No other sprites had this problem though...
I started the game in the meadow and moved on to the forest so perhaps it only triggers after a while of playtime.

This is with the 4.1 hotfix release.

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