Alpha 2

Alpha 2

Postby Gustaw » Thu Oct 30, 2014 5:51 pm

The long awaited Alpha 2 for Darkwood is now up!

It's a pretty heavy 1GB update, and brings some huge changes to how the world is generated. Read all about it on our blog!
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Re: Alpha 2

Postby Need » Thu Oct 30, 2014 6:58 pm

Like seriously guys?Alpha 2 is out i and i dont have time to play it!
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Re: Alpha 2

Postby HotshotDemon » Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:48 pm

I have been playing it for a couple of hours now and its awesome!!! I loved the changes but to be honest.. You could have sold this as chapter 2 to me xD
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Re: Alpha 2

Postby The Raven » Thu Oct 30, 2014 10:32 pm

I've been waiting for this for a while and I'm so excited! I'm eager to jump in!
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Re: Alpha 2

Postby Nenjin » Thu Oct 30, 2014 10:46 pm

*grabs Flashilght and heads in*
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Re: Alpha 2

Postby Sercullhor » Thu Oct 30, 2014 10:49 pm

HotshotDemon wrote:I have been playing it for a couple of hours now and its awesome!!! I loved the changes but to be honest.. You could have sold this as chapter 2 to me xD

Hotshot Demon I'm ready to tell you about the changes in the Alpha test version =)
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Re: Alpha 2

Postby ShadyS » Fri Oct 31, 2014 9:36 pm

Played a few hours. New update is a total win!
World is now beautiful, not only the event locations are detailed. Exploring it is very different from the first versions, atmospheric, terrifying. Map is better too. Good job, wizards!

When I tried to go into woods through the first location, I faced with enemies that I can't kill with my basic weapon, because they are too fast and strong. I had no problems with that kind of enemies earlier, but I think, that new fight system is smarter and challenging. I have an option to go through the old wood, but I think it will be horrible idea, so I going to explore first biome first to find more deadly stuff. That is the second total win in this new update - game will not allow you to go anytime at any direction - at least, before you would not be prepared.

Third total win, that I spotted - is finally working AI. Enemies acting differently. Stealth really helps surviving at night. Enemies are not rush into your hideout at every night straight to you anymore. I was hiding just behind the furniture, not in the corner but near the wall. I saw like some mutant walked into my room, saw a dog inside, killed it and walked away. Omg.

Game worth to start explore it deeper and deeper again. 8-)
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