Easy night survival (Maybe only in forest)

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Easy night survival (Maybe only in forest)

Post by jy_626 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 1:16 pm

Hello all, lately I've been playing a lot of this awesome game :D I've listed the ways in which I managed to survive the nights which I'd like to share to the new players out there, and also for the developers to read through in case if they spot anything quirky about the way I play. I also suggested something to look into at the end.

-Night survival in the 1st Biome was kind of simple. Just board up the two doors leading out of the entrance, rebuild and board up the door leading to the kitchen, and leave the lone window open to get in/get out of the enclosed room I made. That’s the place where I hang out and huddle in a corner when darkness falls. I set traps in front of the boarded doors when I can. I saved a lot of resources this way ;)

- By the way, the wardrobe covers up the large hole in the kitchen, and the mini wardrobe is used to bar the entrance to the biggest room after dragging it out into the kitchen (Jumped into the big room from one of the windows and pushed a lamp to block it from the other side too :lol: ). Survived for as long as 15 days using this technique.

- No generator needed. Waited in the dark most of the time, and took out a torch only for a few seconds to dispel shadows, kept my torch, then continued waiting in the dark. When i hear weird squelching sounds, i draw a torch and pick the odd mushroom/kill the worm spreading bug, then go back to huddling in a corner. I often get through a night without a dent in my resources since I keep a very low profile. No break-ins from aggressive monsters at all. Only that disgusting bug came in XD

Lets me hoard up supplies to survive in the later hideouts ( I read that break-ins actually do happen at the other hideouts). Just sharing my experiences for new players out there :)

By the way, I play permadeath. (I’m taking my sweet time to scavenge for resources and get rid of all the savages around the 2nd hideout which is why I’m still using my 1st base even after 15 days.)

Sadly, I died on the 15th day so I couldn't test this further. And the reason I died was rather stupid, and really ticked me off that I needed 30 minutes to calm down; It was because of the molotovs.

I think molotovs are bugged; I practice throwing matchsticks and meat using another non-permadeath profile and do them just fine. Yet I seem to keep dropping molotovs when I want to burn a rock-throwing savage to death. I wasted a whopping 7 molotovs which would be enough fuel to power a generator for nights; but the worst was that I burned myself to death instead so I hope the mechanics are being looked into since it’s about the only ranged alternative before guns.

Other than that everything looks good. I especially love the fact that you need to use landmarks to collect your bearings and getting lost is sometimes more dangerous than anything you'll face. But I agree with most other players in general that nights would need to be implemented better since it's too hard outside in the dark, and that kind of forces me to be cheap in my playstyle as well ;)

I really like the fact that every death has been fair so far if you aren't careful, but it feels a bit iffy at night since I read that people do get swarmed. My suggestion would be to keep the home defense portions, but keep it fair; it's unnerving having to fight savages in tight spaces already, so a chomper swarm is just total overkill :shock: .

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Re: Easy night survival (Maybe only in forest)

Post by Shrooms » Sun Aug 02, 2015 2:54 am

The first biome is the meadow, I thought.

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Re: Easy night survival (Maybe only in forest)

Post by ShadyS » Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:08 pm

Hi, you using interesting tactics, really different to mine. I'm using tactics that I call "stay out of sight". You board all windows that can dispose you, repair all doors but leave one unboarded to go in\out. All I do is choose position when if somebody opens the door - he won't see me instantly. He rather go into room, I close door behind and gifting him with a backstab. Works most of times. And generator always runs, with light I feel better :).
Also I always thought that torch can't do a shit against ghosts...

Molotovs are NOT bugged. But I'm also died when tried to kill stone savage and then burned myself. My theory is that thrown molotov can collide with thrown stones and blow up near you. That's really unexpected. :mrgreen:

What about difficulty, I don't feel that hideout 1 is easier to survive then 2nd and 3rd, or 2 and 3 harder then 1. Maybe that's because night events bugged in my playthrough and never happened. So I never had something you call break-ins instead of 1 night when in 3rd hideout I tried to test my assault rifle and shot few times. After that my hideout was assaulted by crazy amount of dogs, I wasted all my ammo to survive and had full container of odd meat pieces. Was really freaked out.

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