Are you trying to get rid of the Wolfman?

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Are you trying to get rid of the Wolfman?

Post by ShadyS » Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:53 pm

[!!!Not native english speaker alert!!!]
We all know Wolf since earliest game trailers and from alpha 1 he was one of the most valuable friends in gameplay and in story.

-- He was one of very few traders with valuable loot.
-- He could give you a pistol for exchange with electronic game.
-- His quest makes you meet with end of the first chapter.
-- He is interesting person in Darkwood lore.

But, since first alphas his behavior was less and less useful and important.
Starting from his appearances. That's okay to not meet him write after prologue. But you not implemented that correctly. You can find his camp in your first day in meadows but his dialogs remain same: "I came after your reek..." "my camp located in..." . He comes to in same day that mysterious present appears. That makes no sence and looks like he brings that box with mushrooms for you which don't fits with text in mushroom note. I think this two events should be divided.
His appearance after first dream is bugged.

The Three:
- While you need to find Wolfman's camp to trade, The Three will come to your hideout.
- While you need to sell rare stuff to earn reputation with Wolfman, The Three will give you 100 rp for free when you survive a night.
- The Three sell and buy the same stuff + mushrooms.

Next. Electronic game. Handgun is personally I think the best firearm in Darkwood and more rare from Alpha 6, but electronic game item is cut out from the game. I can't find it anywhere.

And most important - I don't see any of reasons to complete whole game through his line. Sure it's nice to visit Doctor's House after prologue and hunter's house is scary and full of nice items.
But Musician's line is - more filled with backstory. Creepy house sequence - was my favourite game part. But only after doctor's dream sequence. Finall dream tells you A LOT about Darkwood lore and story. You don't see it if you do Wolfman's quest and it will be a HUGE LOSS.

Also, Doctor don't want to teleport after you so it's impossible to complete 1 chapter with Wolf's line without killing doctor. Still. Since alpha 1.

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Re: Are you trying to get rid of the Wolfman?

Post by Gustaw » Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:30 am

I don't like this change either - making Wolfman appear on the second day instead of the first is meant to avoid the huge information drop on the player as you need to read a lot of stuff during the conversation with the oven. This is temporary (I hope).

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