About storyline of the first chapter

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About storyline of the first chapter

Post by ShadyS » Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:03 pm

In the last update changelog Gustaw said that they going to focus on story for now. Finally!
I decided to make a list of the biggest problems that (in my opinion) chapter 1 story has.

-- Wolfman appearances. He visit player's hideout on day 2 with mushroom gift. This kinda breaks the mood of mysterious gift on a middle of our "safe" hideout, it just looks like it's Wolfman brings this present. This two events, Wolfman first hideout visit and mushroom gift should be separated. Also, while you roam around on your first day you can find Wolf's camp and there are no special dialogue line for this event ("I came after your reek...could feel your stench from far away", "my hideout is located...")

-- Wolfman's quest line in general. I think his quests are boring if you look at Musician's ones. If you play through Musician's line, then you get huge introduction to the lore and best fights that chapter 1 has. If you do Wolfman's part, then you have a chance to revisit already known location and confirm Janek's death. And about hunter's house, even if you not doing Wolf's quest you rather visit hunter anyways because there are many valuable stuff. I think it's a giant loss that player will miss doctor's story if he choose not to help Musician.

-- Annoying bug that in game since first Alpha. You can't save the Doctor, he won't teleport to the underground enterance.

What I like in Darkwood in general - it's all the scripted events. Dreams, main location visits... Game has awesome visual and sound design and I hope that you will make your game full of such things as possible. My favorite moments in Darkwood are whole prologue, all of dreams, Musician's parents rage, random night time banshee visits.
Also what I love in this game thanks to visual and audio experience is exploring disguisting places. I really enjoyed the atmosphere when I first time walked through the pig sheds, underground bunker, different weird houses, brook, even hideouts with long elastic pipes all over the place. I still dream about finding giant larva in Old Woods but wasn't so lucky for now.

This is the list of my loved and unloved things in Darkwood story (chapter 1). Listen to it or not and in what direction to go in lore and storytelling is up to Wizards. I'm believe that they know how to make their game better. They did it successfully all the time.

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Re: About storyline of the first chapter

Post by Shrooms » Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:55 pm

I enjoy Wolfman as a character as well, he's an interesting guy, and agree that his appearance breaks the mystery of the mushroom gift. I'd like to see him have a cooler introduction too, like whenever you leave your house the first time a red chomper rushes at you and it gets shot, and Wolfman walks onscreen right after. I enjoyed doing his quest though

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Re: About storyline of the first chapter

Post by Need » Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:43 am

I dont like the gift thing at all because the writing in it sounds soo out of place.
yeah...scripted events and claustrophobic locations are trully the shiniest thing in darkwood.

When i finished wolf quest for the first time i felt like total badass because i always lost the drugged sequence in musician quest. (Yup i never finished it. Not even once!) and getting back at that fucken doctor was glorious feeling.

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