My survival tricks

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My survival tricks

Post by Silent Night » Fri Jul 29, 2016 6:45 pm

Ive been living in the old woods for quite awhile now and ive picked up a few tricks that have really helped out in my survival, and i want to share a few.

1. Reloadable firearms is a must. I know anyone who has played Darkwood for a decent amount of tine knows this but im just gonna say this anyway, if you dont got guns, you ain't gonna survive. I use the pistol and double barrel shotgun.

2. Keep and mantain a fully upgraded axe. A backup weapon will save your life more than enough times to justify having it, plus the axe can one shot a huge dog.

3. Matches are your friend. I know that sounds weird but hear me out. Matches can protect your inventory upon death (as long as permadeath is disabled). Put one match in every inventory slot until all empty slots have a match, and as you go out to collect more items, stack the matches one by one to make room, filling your empty slots with matches gives your other gear a 50\50 chance to stay with you when you wake up.

4: Recommended perks;
Tier 1: farsightedness, navigator
Tier 2: acid blood, third eye
Tier 3: scream, appetite
Tier 4: chameleon
The last perk depends on personal preference, I use vitality, which has been working wonders for me especially with armor

5: if you have any extra gas and your generator is full, just drop the gas on the floor in front of the generator, it wont despawn.

6. Take any resource you can get your hands on, this does not need explaining.

7. Before you leave your hideout in the morning, set up your hotbar with weapons and healing items, this doesnt need explaining either.

8. If you run low on supplies, then its time for a vacation, go back to the dry meadow for a night or two, and then back to the silent forest until you get back on your feet, once you are ready, you can go back to the old woods

And these are some of my tips and tricks, thoughts? Anybody?
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Re: My survival tricks

Post by ShadyS » Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:01 am

Hi. Let me tell about my playstyle.
For me, fully upgraded axe is a primary weapon. I always keep firearms for special events, but such situations that I consider nessesary to use firearms are so rare, that closer to the Old Woods phase I have huge crates of ammo and guns , so I can wipe out all around with no сompassion. I started to do that after my 4th playthrough.

I can't totally disagree with any of your points. What I've could add is this:
-- If you're planning to return to your previous hideouts in future, it's better to leave some supplies for you there. Few healing items, some weapons, ammo, batteries, crafting materials.

-- It's easy to survive when you learned all attack patterns of your enemies. You can dodge from all attacks just sprinting atleast at 30 degrees towards attack direction. Fighting hints are a bit tricky, they deserves to be in dedicated forum topic.

-- Also about my OP night survival style I told in special topic: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=752. I think, all that tips still works in alpha 7.2.

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