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The Dark Forest

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:14 pm
by He With Many Eyes
Not to be confused with the Darkwoods, which is the game this forum is based around. The Dark Forest is a project I have been working on using the rpg maker vx engine. While it is also a RPG horror game it is very different from Darkwoods.

Another difference is that my project is non-commercial, which means that I have designed it because I wanted to design it not for profit (just fame).

---The Story---

After Robert Grace witnesses a tragic death of a young girl he is scarred with how helpless he was to save her. Every night he is haunted by terrible nightmares of the incident and of visions he can't explain. Three months after the accident Robert moves from his hometown of Mika to the city of Spocan. Here he tries to start over by gaining employment with the Spocan Police Department as a detective.

For the past six months the city of Spocan has been tormented by a mysterious serial killer coined the Threefold killer. Due to the severity of the case with very little information on the Threefold killer, the authorities are willing to take any information that might be useful. Even information from an unlikely source, a patient in the local insane asylum. Robert is sent there for the interview. At the asylum he meets a mysterious character named Mr. Roch. Despite Mr.Roch's willingness to help, he clearly knows more then he is letting on.
After meeting the killer and having a minor tussle with him, Robert's dreams start to increase in intensity and now he is starting to see things that others can not. Is he observing the events within an alternate reality or is his depression leading him into insanity?

---The Characters---

Robert Grace

Age: 23
Occupation: Detective (former laboratory technician)

When he was young Robert would hike to various locations with his family. As he got older Robert studied so that he could become a lab tech, however after a few years of working in the lab, Robert decided to take on a more active role. So he became a private investigator and began helping people in the small town of Mika.
One day Robert received a report of someone trespassing on a farmer's property and so he was sent to investigate. During his examination he came across an abandoned tree house near the cliff, with evidence showing that it had been visited recently. Here he found a young girl who was playing around inside the tree house. Unfortunately due to the house being abandoned for so long it became unstable and the floor beams broke resulting in the child plummeting to her death.
Haunted by these memories Robert fell into depression and left the small town of Mika and moved north to the city of Spocan where he began to work as a detective for the Spocan Police Department.

Rachael Bolt

Age: 21
Occupation: Waitress (at Smiley's Big Burgers)

Rachael is a student at the Spocan Informative Community College (SICC), who is working towards here nursing degree. On the side she works part time as a waitress at Smiley's Big Burgers in the western district of Spocan. She also lives in the apartment next to Robert's residence.
After moving to Spocan Robert became a close friend of Rachaels and they will on a few occasions spend time together. Sometimes Robert will even have lunch at Smiley's and talk to Rachael about the things going on in his life.
Rachael is aware of Robert's depression and tries to help him get his mind off of it when she can. Quite often the two of them will go hiking to local wilderness areas. Overall the two of them are really close friends.


Age: Unknown
Occupation: Leader of the Resistance

As the leader of the Resistance, Sadha works hard to strengthen her fellow colleagues against the powers of the Damifae Lords that rule over the Dark Forest. In the past having dealt with these dark forces, she is viewed as being the most adequate person for the job of team leader. However she is very cautious of any stray individuals encountered while they wander through this dark realm. The spies of the Damifae are everywhere.
Despite her kind nature toward her allies many of her fellow resistance members recognize that it seems something dark hangs over her. At times it is almost as if she knows more then she is willing to tell her team. It is as if something is chasing her with no intention of relenting.

Here is the revamped trailer for the Dark Forest. Enjoy.

Sadly I am unable to upload the video here right now. So here is a link until I can get it all sorted out.
Trailer Here! -Feel free to subscribe for more up to date news.

So here is the link to the demo:

Enjoy. :D

Please feel free to give some constructive feedback on this project.

Re: The Dark Forest

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:03 am
by He With Many Eyes
So sorry for the bumping but I just thought you all might be interested in the fact that I hope to have a demo for the Dark Forest out in October.

Re: The Dark Forest

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:10 am
by Wolfie
Hey there He With Many Eyes! Your game sounds like it could be interesting - do you know if you will be releasing a demo on Mac? You speak of Robert spiralling into a state of depression, I take it this will be a key issue in the storyline? It would be great to see something like his dreams becoming a reality of vice versa and creating a sense of confusion for the player.

*Possible Heavy Rain Spoilers*
(kind of like that ending scene from Heavy Rain where the detective starts having visions because of his constant use of virtual reality)

Anyway, I look forward to any updates.

Re: The Dark Forest

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:25 am
by He With Many Eyes
Well I am not sure about it being for Mac. The program used to make it is the RPG maker VX engine. However I also plan on making it an .exe file so I don't know. I hope I can figure out a way to make it work for Mac though.

As for Robert's depression the world in his dreams, "the Dark Forest" and the real world, "Firm Existance" seem to blurr together and gets worse depending on other events that go on in the game (because some of the player's actions affect the game world).

Re: The Dark Forest

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:03 am
by He With Many Eyes
I have to apologize. I released a demo for this game on the 13th of October and I forgot to post it here. So here is it:

This link shall also be posted in the original post.

If you play please feel free to provide me with feedback.