Some suggestions re. items, leveling, progression, etc

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The Doctor
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Some suggestions re. items, leveling, progression, etc

Post by The Doctor » Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:40 am

1. Make lanterns refillable with gasoline/alcohol

2. A makeshift bow out of rope and wood and arrows out of wood and stone/junk should be able to be crafted early on.

3. Tripwire traps:
- swing trap (as described by Muttley)
- fuel bomb (trip wire sets off gas fire)
- rabbit snare (immobilises enemy for short time)

4. Item that distracts enemies, e.g. wind-up doll that makes creepy laugh sound

5. Ability to create shelves out of wood/nails, or upgrade pre-existing ones (to prevent spamming your hideout with these)

Leveling & Difficulty
6. Either make levels require more essence or make mushrooms give you less essence since leveling is too quick and you can become max level pretty early on

7. Dogs shouldn't completely ignore you when you throw meat and they go to eat it, especially if you hit them afterwards

8. Gameplay becomes infinitely easier after acquisition of pistol. Either delay its introduction or make pistol magazines only lootable in zones 2 and 3.

9. Hideout 2 is too easy to fortify and protect. This may be due to the fact that after I find the pistol I go on a massacre of savages in zone 2 and none are left to attack in the night.

10. The pellet gun is found too late to be useful, by that time you already have a functioning pistol

11. Rename "junk" to "scrap metal", just makes sense

12. Ability to whistle to get enemies attention, lure enemies (may not fit into Darkwood lore)

13. More detailed crafting system that fundamentally relies on several, basic items such as:
- wood
- nails
- rope
- string
- sticks
- stone
- scrap metal

14. Ability to cancel barricading

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Re: Some suggestions re. items, leveling, progression, etc

Post by threeofwands » Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:58 am

Very agreed on a lot of these, esp. the pellet gun and the mushrooms/level progression. I'm also super fond of the bow idea and I'm sure they've got a more detailed crafting system in the works (since the game was basically sold on that premise). Really great ideas overall. Good job~
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