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Some ideas

Post by Waismuth » Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:44 pm

Congrats on full relase, my dudes.

I thought I’d post my input regarding the game. I’m been with darkwood since alpha 1.3, sunk over 250 hours into it, and it’s been a great experience to see it grow and upgrade bit by bit over the years. Given that I have a few suggestions regarding the gameplay. First of all I think the perk system needs another overhaul. There’s only a handful of perks that are really useful in my opinion. I believe that perks should give player a unique skill that slightly, yet fairly, bends the rules establishes by the game. A good example is the scream or moth perk. I think there’s a bit too many perks focused on healing the player. We have the moth, mushroom healing and wood chomping. The passive careful step is pretty good though, I like it.

Second thing is trying to fix the night mobs’ ai. At the early alphas enemies seemed to have some sort of wallhack, knowing out location no matter where we stood. Before Alpha 10 we could hide behind a wardrobe and if night enemies didn’t have us in the line of sight we were safe, and they didn’t come right at us. Now, it seems dogs and savages have a slight wallhack again. I believe it needs another rebalance.

This leads us into another point. The Night. For a new player trying to survive the night can be a tense and exciting experience. But after a while it becomes nothing but standing around and waiting for sunrise. I always liked the banshee’s arrival. I think it’s one of the most scary monsters out there, simply because of the atmosphere it brings and the fact that it tries to hunt us down. Sadly, after hours of gameplay it kinda lost its edge. Now it’s simply easier to go and kill the banshee and its spawns right away to save ourselves the hassle. I believe darkwood could use a bit more interactivity during the night, something the player can do to pass the time. Especially that on normal difficulty there’s little punishment for dying during the night. Sometimes it’s even easier to just die to pass the night faster.

This next point might seem a bit silly, but hear me out. Some time ago a simple passive mob has been implemented. It was a nice surprise to see that not everything wants us dead. Mainly speaking: BUNNIES. This idea might help the player pass the time during the nights. What if we could catch bunnies and keep them as pets? Or keep them in our hideout for meat? Maybe there could be a perk that allowed us to tame a wild mob, like a chicken, a bunny or even the non mutated dog? There was a “animals are less aggressive” perk before, and it wasn’t that bad. Maybe we could build a small pen for the animals in our hideout, feed them food, like bread and potatoes and try to protect them from the savages? It would surely make the night not a complete bore-fest.

Another point is the difficulty. It seems the game has been made easier for the final release, and some of the more hardcore players might feel the game is too easy. I think there’s way too many resources thrown at the player. We have too many wood/nail spawns, loot crates and secret loot stashes strewn all over the place. And I know there’s “nightmare” and “permadeath” mode, but I don’t really think they add to the difficulty setting. All they do it make the experience more tedious, I think that having only one life, or a limited amount doesn’t transfer too much over to how hard the game is; it only makes it more annoying/tedious

PS: why chicken lady can have an overabundance of chickens in her house while we can’t have BUNNIES all over our hideout?!

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