Lifeweb: Theater of Pain

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Lifeweb: Theater of Pain

Postby Tzchernobog » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:38 am

If you like like games with dark ambiance and survival, rpg elements you might like this one.
Lifeweb is an underground game from a Ukrainian developer in Russia with a player base of less than a thousand people. Strongly inspired by the complexity and harshness of Dwarf Fortress, with an atmosphere that would put Darkest Dungeon to shame it is a difficult and unforgiving experience.

Be warned, it is a game of tragedy and consequences and isn't for everyone. It does not shy from dark subject matter. You may become sick, lose your family to fire, become addicted to terrible substances, become one of the undead or suffer fates far worse than death by the end of the night.

It has a full suit of heat/cold and nutrition/thirst systems, as well as a complicated anatomical and health system that does away with the typical HP count. Pass out from bleeding, suffocate from lack of oxygen being carried to your brain, suffer heart attacks and liver failure, lose your ability to see, talk or even move depending on the presence of your eyes, tongue and organs.

The thing I like the most about it is the mood system however. Your character's outlook is effected by his mood, which in turn can penalize your performance and stats if it gets too bad. Become traumatized by witnessing the death of a stranger or familiar member. Grow desperate and crazed with starvation and panic. Experience hallucinations and worse as you begin to lose your mind from suffering and despair.

Lastly this game survives as one of the last few games that cannot be spoiled overmuch with wikis and videos. You can't read much about it and much of what is out there is out of date or just plain inaccurate. If you wish to play then can find it yourself. The feeling of learning and epiphany as well as genuine mystery is something we treasure highly and self-motivated players that are willing to deal with the steep learning curve are always welcomed.
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