Acid wizard studios and the future

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Acid wizard studios and the future

Postby Hauffman » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:41 pm

Greetings Acid Wizard Studios!
First of all congratulations on your achievement with Darkwoods!
I've been "analyzing" your game on my youtube channel and I have to say (i mean, if it means anything) that what you guys manage to make was quite difficult! Indeed quite the achievement!
I never imagined a that a top-down game would be a good horror game!
Now, apparently the road of development for Darkwoods from its beginning all the way to its end was quite tortuous (and maybe traumatizing?)
But this person here, at least, recognize that what you guys manage to make is quite unique and worth your efforts, sweat and even blood to complete. It is visible the dedication and attention that you guys gave to bring the game to life, I'm very impressed! (again, if that means anything at all)
Now i wonder if you guys have plans for the future as a studio? Or are you guys considering leaving the scene?
Again, I think that the "suffering" that you guys went through only made you stronger, specially because it was led by your "heart".
Now where will your "heart" lead you guys next?
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