Review and suggestions

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Review and suggestions

Post by wusscake » Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:20 pm

After doing a full playthrough of Darkwood, I've thought about my overall experiences and the game mechanics, and I would say I would rate this game 8/10, provided it receives at least two more chapters.

I'm going to start with some positive things that I like about the game:

- Variety of different mechanics
- Game can be played at your pace with infinite amount of days
- Combat, while basic, feels solid and requires caution and preparation
- Nights are very random
- The atmosphere in the game is always tense, doesn't rely on jumpscares

Now for some things I would like to be changed, as well as suggestions:

- Amount of supplies should be lowered overall (at least on harder difficulties)
- Enemies should be more random in attacks (at least chapter 2 onwards)
- Improve/change current dodge mechanic, it's not worth using
- Add more interactable environments like sinkholes, booby traps
- Add a few more traders and randomize their trade inventory and sell price (some give great deals, some rip you off bad)
- More night events
- Make the generator targetable by certain enemies (it would force people to use flares more)
- Make banshees more threatening/harder to kill (maybe have them drain your health when you look at them)
- Increase maximum hp, but reduce effectiveness of healing items
- Remove the full hp heal after every night
- Add more perks/weaknesses to choose from, I.E. slow down enemy movement by 25% for 20 seconds on use, occasionally drop an item from your inventory that's not in your hotbar, less rep/night with the trader)
- Reduce the cost of materials for lower tier guns
- Have some enemies only be killable by ranged weapons (chapter 2 onwards)
- Introduce puzzles in the game (maybe have a note appear at night, and if you guess correctly, you get items left at your front door, guess wrong, a monster is at the door instead)
- The dogs can have a chance to latch onto you for a couple of seconds, stopping your movement as you shake it off
- Make nights last longer (to me they're more fun than the day)
- Traps and barricades aren't as useful as they should be (I just run out and kill everything as it spawns)

Let me know what you guys think!

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Re: Review and suggestions

Post by renanrischiotto » Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:01 pm


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