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Post by Witch » Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:56 pm

If you're a Darkwood lover like me, you've probably escalated day 60 or even 70 like me, which caused me to have a lot of items, food specifically. I've always had way more food than I could count and selling it doesn't really grant much value. Not to mention I hardly eat food since it doesn't really have much benefits so I was thinking of an idea that could
make food actually matter.

I was thinking of some sort of Hunger bar below your stamina. The more full it is, the less it would decrease but the less the bar is the faster it will deplete; if you understand. I'm aware some people would not like this idea so this idea is optional; it is mainly for the veterans.

Note: In order to really take advantage of this feature, kitchen cooking items and more variety of food should be implemented as well. Human flesh from savages, Chomper meat, beans, corn, milk, fish, etc.
Thank you for listening.

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