Critiques after the first few hours playing the game

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Critiques after the first few hours playing the game

Post by devilhood » Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:34 pm

I just left a 5 star review on the GOG website after having initially played a pirated version. I'm now a proud owner because of the Halloween sale, so thank you for converting me. Amazing work devs! ;)

I've been trying to make notes as I play, to see if I can contribute anything constructive.

Firstly, I'd like to contribute my carefully tweaked ReShade 3.0.8 profile which is intended to give a less pixelated and more surrealistic feel to the game. The profile can be downloaded here

I'll continue to add to this list as I play the game.

Piotrek's Garage: Using a Molotov on the growth by the door clears the path and destroys the door, but it doesn't seem to set the dog on fire. It would be nice if the dog didn't try to kamikaze through the fire, but instead wait until the coast is clear. I was able to reproduce the same result twice in a row.

Jumping: If you can climb fences and through windows, you should really be able to hop over medium sized movable objects like Sofa's and Tables.

Dragging: Smaller objects like buckets and pots deserve to have a drag interaction (maybe one that isn't speed restricted). They are very useful when building base defences, and it can be frustrating to properly move them if they get stuck in corners.

Inventory: Some kind of basic sorting ability (e.g. by item type) would be good, especially for larger storage containers such as the workshop. It can be time consuming to keep them tidy especially if you like to horde.

Flashlight balancing: I feel like the military flashlight isn't balanced as well as it could be, especially when you compare it to the greater ambient lighting and longer lasting benefits of the lantern. Maybe since the beam is so strong, it could work as a way to slow down or confuse enemies?

One handed weapons: In order for the flashlight to serve a greater purpose, it would be neat to be able to hold one and maybe wield a knife/sickle at the same time. I noticed someone in another thread suggested the ability to duct tape the standard flashlight to a gun. That would be neat too.

Random Encounters: Whilst exploring the maps, it would be neat to encounter other non-hostile or hostile people passing through. People from the village? Maybe some of them come looking for you if the sow isn't kept alive. If they find you, they could be warded off by giving them pig meat (from killing the pigs at the pig farm).

UI and Dialogue: I see a lot of potential in implementing more seamless RPG elements, like a simpler dialogue interaction that allows the player to select from a set of answers, without the game needing to fade-out into a black screen with a character portrait. This would allow you to easily add depth to non-essential characters.

Weather: More weather types? I've had rain, but it doesn't seem to happen often. Mist? Strong gusts of wind with falling leaves? Blood moon type event like on Terraria? etc. I had a random idea that the rain could also somehow change the game world, maybe bringing out different kinds of bugs or enemies to ward off.

Village: The small wooden shrine you encounter at the start of the village stays grey even when you are looking at it. Light sources do not impact the brightness of the texture. Not sure if this is intentional.

Village: Walking along the edge of the river bed has the same footstep sound as walking on dirt. It would be nice to have the correct sound and visual effect when stepping on shallow water.

Biomes: Hmmm, MOAR PLS!

Mod support, campaign editor: Pretty please! I would definitely invest time into modding a game like this, especially with the right tools :mrgreen:

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