Difficulty query; Boosting Monster numbers?

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Difficulty query; Boosting Monster numbers?

Post by LackadasicalBeast » Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:06 pm

To wit, having a wonderful time whenever I dip back into Darkwood, and admittedly the fear of conflict is wearing off somewhat, so I was wondering, would it be possible to boost the number of enemies, either in random world spawning, or during night events?

Not necessarily wanting hordes of enemies every day or storming into the Hideouts every night, but the -threat- of having more foes would be nice, forcing more careful game-play.

Some examples;

1] Basic spawns inside Biomes in general, possibly adding one (doubling basic spawns) or more per spawn (a typical small-dog spawn may become 2 or 3 at the very most, with less chance for more creatures per-spawn). In addition, perhaps dogs can replace monsters over time that have been killed? Same can be applied to other monsters/biomes in principle. To add, having more of the tiny creatures/rabbits would be nice - more neutral wildlife is appealing.

2] Occasionally a full pack of Dogs/Savages (2-5) may spawn at one edge of the Biome, and then slowly make its way to the other side, vanishing upon contact with the edge of the map to suggest leaving. The start spawn and end-destination could be randomised, for example; A pack of 4 Savages spawns in the East of Silent Forest, slowly moves to the North-West and despawns upon touching the borders. Day-time pack-spawns can optionally be removed when night arrives, and after death can be removed after the next day, or the second day after death, to prevent bodies piling up all over the place... more-so than normal at least.

3] Random Night-Time events having 1 or more monsters added, either trying to get into the Hideout, or roaming outside, threatening or testing defenses.

4] Addition to #3, perhaps one specific Night-Time event consists of a significant group that roam around the hideout, between 3>6+ monsters, they circle the Hideout from a little distance, one or two being allowed to test the barricades. Below are examples:
A; Multiple small dogs 'led' by one Huge Dog? Killing the Huge Dog could send the others running into the night.
B; Savages (all three variants), perhaps the rock-throwing Savages could target the barricades, causing noise and gradual damage as the others circle the Hideout.
C; Chompers, small chompers with one or more normal/Red Chompers, possibly adding a Black Chomper further away.

Curious to feedback and thoughts, thank you for reading this.

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