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Feedback about the game

Post by GenLiu » Tue Mar 02, 2021 11:26 pm

I'm about to finish the game for the second time with the intend to make more runs in the furture which allowed me to be now much better aquainted with it. I feel like I can now talk in details about what I liked and what I didn't.

So, for a start, as you may have figured from a person who claim to have done 2 runs and intend to do more, the pros are so plentiful it would be way too long to mention them all but I'm gonna highlight the more noticeable (at least for me, personally).

I absolutely love the tone of the game and how it respects my personal view of a survival horror. It's real survival, no massive batch of ammos just lying around, no rocket launcher and stuff, just the minimum necessary to survive which creates an intense feeling and gives you a true feeling of surviving in an hostile world (rather than a not so hostile world trying to survive against the player, which often ends up being the case in most games of this genre).

As I pointed out in another topic, I also love the use of the over the top view and the survival aspect of the game Don't starve style is brilliant.

The game find the right ballance between fear, humor and wtf moments which is great. You took some pretty interesting lines regarding NPCs some being quiet surprising but at no point it ruins the mood of the game. On contrary it adds to it.

The general tactical aspect of the game is also perfect. I love how combat seems simple at first but ends up being an art on its own (for example, the Centipede enemies in the swamp gave me nightmares at first and then I was like Haaaaaa...I get it) and protecting/preparing your hideout is so deep that it would be possible to make hours long videos talking solely on how to do just that.

The pacing is another big strenght. I love how the day/night cycle is used with exploration during the day and trying to live through nights.

Again, there's many other things that I love but those are the most significant.

The only thing I wasn't necessarily a fan of is the ballance between Wolfman and Musician questline.

I feel like following the Musician is a bit too punishing (less obvious warning about having to bring your equipment to the next area, no Hunting rifle and Wolfman rob you of a metric ton of stuffs, at least for me it was litteraly all of my ammos and healings, plus hugely valuable things like a pair of pliers and a bolt handle).
I was leaving all of my ammos/healings in my hideout, only taking what's necessary and felt clever about it (if I die while not carrying much, I don't have to retrieve my body and save some time)...That was before that event happened though. lol

I would personally have prefered if both lines were ballanced to provide a somewhat equal amount of reward and penalty considering it's just a Story related choice.

Other than that, the experience was flawless, for me it's a pretty easy 10/10, you really made a great job and the craziest thing being, since maps are procedurally generated and considering the amount of hidden stuffs and secret you added to the game, the replayability is legit.

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