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suggestions >.>

Post by Researcher » Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:42 pm

If a bear trap can only be used once, use it does not make sense. It needs to have a level of strength as other items.

The main character should be able to assemble the lower branches of the trees, with a probability to a long stick.
preferably, that would be seen that the tree has less branches..
And if you sling the tree with gasoline and set fire to it, these branches will burn (for realism).
Branches are used to maintain the fire of the furnace.
And creating fires, as an alternative lighting.
The stove will need to be refilled every day, more than the norm of brushwood to put it is impossible or not rational.
and extra firewood can be folded near the furnace, ~4 slots (and elsewhere).
if you light the stove later, death will come.
Perhaps to collect fallen branches from under the trees (infinite resources).
or increase the forest area (it definitely should)

Must be some limitation to the experienced player was unable to move quickly, it's too easy..
maybe corny werewolf comes only after ~5 days. (not the best option)
perhaps the creatures that hunt in the depths of the forest. who will find the players themselves, and will hinder the rapid loot of the forest.
an experienced player can kill dozens of dogs in a row using melee weapons and not taking damage. this is not a challenge.
if one dog starts the attack, must attack and all dogs around her.
and in this spirit...

also weapon:
throwing spears out of long sticks, perhaps poisoned.
knuckle - simple weapon, with a very high strength but very low damage. (2 iron) (alternative fist)
knuckles with the nails more brittle, but with normal damage.
(2 iron, 2 fabric, and some nails, maybe something else)
flamethrower (would be cool)

it is also possible to use swamps to collect fuel gas.
(I just don't like the fact that you have to buy fuel from some entities(oil magnates) -_-)
what is depicted in the figure, is almost possible, if the methane would be free of impurities (necessary not very high pressure).
the opportunity to dismantle the fence around the house, to get boards with nails, it might spoil the game.. but we are not so stupid?
fuel extraction
fuel extraction
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Re: suggestions >.>

Post by Researcher » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:09 pm

I'm sorry, please tell me why in the game items, which is not beneficial to use?
honestly, the game is not addictive at 2 passage, there is no desire.
because the version of the passage 1, to obtain firearms and to quickly complete the game.
this is the easiest and most effective option, which to me personally doesn't bring pleasure.
no need to survive, it makes no sense to stay.. only because I wanted it.
I should wish to linger in the "scary and dark forest"?
there are people who complain that it makes no sense to put up barricades, I agree with them . but I think the barricade, and so the most simplistic..
3 boards for Windows which can easily climb both man and the great creature. it's once in 5 understated from reality.
I don't understand why in the game the traps?
to spoil the game to a new player?
the player can repair FIREARMS scrap metal, but cannot take the floor trap whole?
or do you think the traps "unbalanced weapons"?
that is, firearms that can be repaired with scrap metal and ammo which is cheaper than the scrap metal to trap, your not unbalanced! And the trap which is a separate element of the game and who you killed and who does not is an effective method of defense is balance!
what they then do in this game?
The player used found scrap metal and then he doesn't know how to fix their gun?
to buy? Ah, Yes... we have to buy from some weirdos: ammunition, gasoline, boards, scrap metal.. this is very interesting.
so, what kind of idiot would spend their scrap on the trap, not a gun, when he will appear? and wondering whether to play this game I and many other players, when to effectively use a gun, the rest is only a hindrance.
And I wonder whether, player to play this game, when effectively used here only pistols, the rest is only a hindrance?
why have you added the ability to move objects? if the player does not hold a wardrobe which was placed behind the door, the enemies open the door like Cabinet no.. I'm not asking so that the enemies could not overcome it, even if I can't stop them. but let them open slowly so I could at least respond. 2-3 seconds!
and why the lamp moves as hard as the rack, I played a long time when it was not, and it was better!
especially about the traps.
my suggestion.
I have listed them above!
if you find it difficult to make the forest more and to detain the player preparing for the night. at least, make it so that the trap was full, after work and after the player has deactivated it in the 70-80% probability. or to drop all the metal scrap which has gone into creating it.
thank you for your attention.

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