A couple of glitches I've had occur playing 1.1 on OSX

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A couple of glitches I've had occur playing 1.1 on OSX

Post by Fatalist » Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:22 am

The game has frozen on me multiple times. Once was after gaining a 2nd tier power, I think it was see further/animals are more aggro that I selected, and during the animation afterwards the screen went dark after playing the red smoky bit for a little while, sound effects/music continued for a short time then stopped and froze. After I restarted my laptop all of my saves had been wiped. Another bug occurred while I was shifting the wardrobe in home base, and I was stuck to the wardrobe, still able to look around but unable to move or access/change items. I'll look for the bug reports soon and post them up if I find them, not sure if the save files being wiped will have any effect on the reports though.

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