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Possible glitch - Doctor disappears

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:06 pm
by McDen

Playing on Xbox One. I followed the musician's path in Chapter 1 and escaped the Doctor's trap. When I got back from the dream (= Doctor's trap) in the train wreck, the doctor went to the other end of the train, scared. Nothing unusual so far. The thing is, I quit the game since it autosaved at that moment (I didn't kill nor talked to the doctor). When I loaded that savegame later, I woke up in the train wreck, normal, but the doctor was nowhere to be found (not at the end of the train nor anywhere else in the map after hours and hours of looking everywhere), and the underway passage is still locked (meaning he still had no idea where to use his key).

Would that be expected? Did I miss something or is it a glitch? Thank you for answering my question (I still have the savegame, and had to start another new game again because of that)!