Version 1.3 Some bugs I noticed

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Version 1.3 Some bugs I noticed

Post by ElainerTofuCat » Sun Jul 31, 2022 9:23 pm

First off, Darkwood is one of my favorite games, and I just finished replaying it for the 5-6th time. I think my friend said that some of these bugs have been fixed in version 1.4, but I’m still playing 1.3, and these are a few things I noticed throughout my playthroughs:

- snout in the Great Lake (area where you get your rubber boots). Sometimes when I destroy the snout (either with an axe or the gun), the storm does not go away. I know there is a right way to do it (using the ax?), but in my most recent playthrough, I used the ax and the storm was still there.

-red chompers in the Great Lake area: this only happened in my most recent playthrough for some reason. I believe they should have had black smoke covering them, which allows you to know that you should shine light on them before shooting them, but for some reason, none of them had black smoke on them. I used up a ton of bullets shooting them and they would not die. This was fixed when I restarted the game, but it was still a bit strange since it never happened before.

- eating eggs: shows up as giving you a lung buff (or more stamina?) but I don’t feel like it works. My friend says the potato works, but so far, I don’t feel like any of the food items give you too much extra stamina.

-odd meat: is a debuff rather than a buff. I think my friend mentioned that this was fixed in version 1.4, so yay.

I think that’s all I can think of for the moment! Really wonderful game. I look forward to playing the new version when it comes out.

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