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1.2 Bugs + General Feedback

Post by Skruff » Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:45 am


I think the patch from 1.2 fixed the issues I was having before (Hideout not showing up on the map, and the brightness settings text got me too).

1. When you have a flashlight active, if you go into your inventory and back out, even though the flashlight is still highlighted, it won't turn back on. Instead, you currently have to switch to another hotbar spot and switch back to reactivate it.

2. You might already know this, but the second line of gossip from Piotrek for me just popped up a message like "gossip_1_1" instead of actual dialogue.


Well, it's certainly an interesting and fun concept so far.

1. Where the hell (rhetorical, obviously they change location) is the kid's family's house or the hunter's cottage? I've restarted the game 3x now (twice on 1.1, once on 1.2) and I have NEVER been able to find either of the buildings that are hinted at by the kid or the wolfman. Pretty much, I find the chicken lady in the first two days, then spend the next two weeks ONLY looking where the kid has hinted, and I've never found a building with a wardrobe to look behind in it (or his parents, whichever you're supposed to actually find). Each time I really have to quit unless I feel like grinding, because the Red Chompers at night end up getting impossible to ward off, since I still only ever have boards with nails in them, and if I'm lucky some bear traps.

2. If you have to go into the deep woods (which is what I'll call the woods that you pretty much have to have a flashlight for) to find certain locations, why are the chompers so impossible to get away from? I spent in-game days down there looking for the kid's house, only to randomly run into a chomper, attempt to sprint back to the nearest building, run out of stamina and get murdered. I DO think they should be pretty vicious and terrible, but flying blind only to get sent back to the hideout over and over gets repetitve really fast. I feel like the balance of being able to get away from them, but not really being able to kill them would be better. Like if you manage to breach the forest line for the deep woods, they stay behind because they like the shadows or something, I dunno.

3. Breaking your own barricades? Why can't you just... un-barricade them? You clearly have a hammer (from the sound) or something to pound the nails in, why not get some of the parts back when you un-barricade something? You can still have it take a chunk of time so that it's not an easy scapegoat to get away from the chompers in the middle of the night, but beating the boards off your windows with a boards with nails on it is time consuming and silly. :D

4. It seems like you decreased the number of dogs? Or maybe I got lucky with my third randomly generated map? Either way, that's good. My first play through was spent trying to find any resources, and then being murdered by dogs because I had no weapons, and would inevitably run over some mushrooms while running away.

5. In relation to #1 above, I think it might be good to add some kind of indicator onscreen when you're near a location? Maybe like lighting the screen in that direction. Even right now, most of the times I get a pop up that says "location discovered," I'm like, "where?" and have to wander around in a circle for a bit to actually find whatever I just walked past. At least for locations you haven't yet "discovered."

6. I still don't think I've ever seen a popup that explains how to use recipes? I figured it out on my second playthrough, but I don't even think recipes have the + in the corner when you mouseover that indicates you can do something with it.

Critiques above may sound like I'm having a negative experience... But, I'm not. I've put seven hours into an Alpha, which is unheard of. It is what it is, an Alpha, but the core concept is fun right now... But I'm also certainly glad permadeath is an option and not mandatory, too many completely random deaths at this point.


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