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Some lore general questions

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:04 pm
by RadioStalker
I played Darkwood kind of a lot. And i really, really dig in to the atmosphere and lore of the game. It is brilliant. Im so happy it was not just yet another zombie survival or random monster slayer. There is actually a lot of lore hidden inside of game world to explore.

So far we know, that infection in this area were started in some middle 70's, and studied by the expedition at the same time. But HOW EXACTLY did infection appeared? Is it was random event? Or it was some kind of catasprophy? Was it evolved type of some virus? Did it came from mushrooms in the first place?

Or it was planned by the government to try out new bioweapon on low-populated areas (USSR could do that easily) and then study it? What do you think? Maybe even developers could make some hints for us? :)

It is so interesting topic.