Best Christmas present ever

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Best Christmas present ever

Post by Kekskiller » Thu Dec 24, 2015 10:41 pm

Not sure where to put this, General for praise or Darkwood for game relation?

Ever since Darkwood's Alpha was available for early testing I battled with myself whether I should try it or not. Not because I feared it wouldn't be good (I'm far beyond that point), but rather because I know from personal experience that game development doesn't come fast (nor easy) and I like things to shine as good as they can.

But now it's christmas, there were already numerous alpha builds and I figured it would be pointless to deprive myself of it's pleasures. So, yes, I tried it. And it was AWESOME. Totally. Utterly. Nuts. I can't even describe how it felt seeing all these elements of the game coming together! The visibility system reminds me of Nox or modern Roguelikes, the interaction and animation timing is as well-crafted as in my beloved Eternal Darkness and it's overall feeling is thicker than mushroom stew with an overdose of added emulsifier (which is plenty). I'm also in heavy love with Darkwood's overall pixelation factor. About the perfect amount necessary to have this fine line between "I know what this is and it's freakin' me out" and "anymore details would paralyze me". This is exactly how games with limited focal area should be. Previously I thought that only Teleglitch was ever able to give me that intense sense of depth for top-down games, but Darkwood definitely kicks in a much higher league.

I'm just soo damn happy that I backed this game and already see it having a very special place on every shelve I may ever own. Thank you so much for making this game a playable reality! I simply couldn't have wished for something better these days!

Stay sharp, wizards
And Merry Christmas :D

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